Central Kelowna School District #23 (1950 in grade 1)
to possible graduation in 1962/63)

We want to welcome everyone and anyone with whom we may have shared a classroom during our formative years.

Here is the challenge for all of you to help out with our search.

There still are quite a number of our old classmates that have either gone off the radar entirely,
or have not been fully located with their contact information of address, phone number and email address.
Your reunion committee challenges you to fully locate as many of the classmates
as you can that are on the lists shown below.

We require the name, address, phone number and email address for them. (a spouse would be nice too

Here are the names of our objects of desire. Some are going to be easy for you.. some difficult.
A suggestion: You may wish to use on-line phone books, telephoning their family or friends,
Skype search, Facebook, obituaries, newspapers, or whatever works for you.


This list immediately below have been our radar for the past few 10 years
and have proven very difficult to locate. Do your best.
(Double contest points for finding anyone in this group)

List revision April 2020

Lyle Duncan, Marilyn Millar
Norman Reimer, Pat (Robinson) Bareham,
Etta Young, Norma Young

Most of the list below are students from our grade 9 annual that were in our grade
in the 1958 -1959 school year that have yet to be contacted by us. Some of the names
are from our earlier grades.

What is their name, address, phone number and email address ?? (if they have email that is)
Many of these are not actually "missing", but we still have yet to obtain contact information for them.
You may notice that some of these should prove to be quite easy to locate.

Pat Crooks, Penny Winter,
Jackie James, Gary Gibson,
Gary Brown, Jean Renaud, Hugh Allan (in New Zealand),
Andrina Dunn, Gloria McFall,
Olive Ritchie, Fay McLeod

John Davis, Peter Schramm,
Neil Roth, Elfrieda Preissl,
Allan Pauls (NOT the Allan Pauls that lives in Grand Forks, BC )
, Lynn Marshall

Jim White, Gordon Hobbs,
Sophia Kondor, Sharon Rose, Pat Hughes,
Madeline Hardy, Lynn Marshall, Lance Christenson
Alex Nichol. ( see grade 5 Mr. Gable's class and grade 6 Mr. Haskin's class)
Ron Johnson ( See grades 5 and 6 at Central Elementary)

The photos to match the names of the above persons can be found on our Alumni address list
on our reunion website if you need to jog your memory.

Good luck and happy hunting.

James Anderson

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Jim Anderson