Nostalgia Photos 1950- 1962 from Kelowna, B.C.
Please scan/send your old photos to Jim Anderson,
or to 1640 Gillard Drive, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4K1.

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1962 Staff of the Paramount Theatre, Derek Pyle, Gloria Newton, Mrs. Lorraine Bulatovich, Gail Cook
Photo thanks to Gloria ( Newton) Johal

Bruce Bissell Mickey Bowser Ross McCrady Susan Jacks Bruce Bissell
Bruce Bissell Bruce Bissell

A few photos from the fine career of Kelowna's own Bruce Bissell.
Bruce started his career in Kelowna with the rocking group called "The Kels"
and went on to play on the CBC-TV show "Music Hop" as a regular for almost 3 years.




Bill Thompson Hans Garsch Scouting with Bill Thompson and Hans Garsch
Bill Thompson and Hans Garsch.
Their Queen Scout First Class Journey.

Bill Thompson John Arthur Bill T and John Arthur dressed for graduation
Bill Thompson and John Arthur in their graduation best...
Rob Russell Rob Russell and the 1960 Chevy

Rob Russell with dad's 1960 chevy.

Ruth Dyson Jim Anderson Jim Anderson and Ruth Dyson
Jim Anderson and Ruth Dyson....



Richard Bullock Jackie James Sid Shussel (deceased) Wayne Laface Gary Marshall (deceased) Martin Schaefer Ken Hamanishi (deceased) Ralph Kirschner George Schuman Bill Wishlow Ian Angus Bob Gruber Wayne Horning Freddy Thomas Harvey Stoltz Philip Larden (deceased) Dennis Casey (deceased) Al Luknowski (deceased) Judge Donald R White (deceased)

The 1958 Kelowna Midget All-Star Team
Names all supplied as mouse-overs.

Teresa Bosch Ardith Jessop Irene Epp Muriel Fielder Rose Gonie Norma Pelligrini Donna Wise ? ? ? ? ?



Warren Dunaway Rick Mussallem Rick Mussallem Bob Verge Clive Spiller Craig McCaw

left-right: Warren Dunaway, Rick Mussellam, Bob Verge, Clive Spiller and Craig McCaw. photo likely taken at the Kelowna Aquatic.Photo supplied by Warren Dunaway


Darrel Scriver Mickey Bowser Bob Small Boyd Topham The Pacers

Heather Sharon Lynn Jim Mel Ron Marvin Bill ?? BirthdayParty

Sharon Cumming's birthday party.. or is it a "wake" ?
Left to Right
??, Heather P, Sharon C, Lynn S, Jim A, Mel C, Ron S, Marvin V, Bill T.
Cheyenne White Sharon Cumming
Jim Anderson Mel Campbell Jim Anderson Lynn Sexsmith Mel Campbell
Valerie Deacon

Meldy Hewer Meldy Hewer



Richard Bullock and Meldy Harris Bulloch-Harris Mel Campbell and Ann Setter Campbell-Setter
Peter House and Ruth Dodd Peter House and Rugh Dodd Peter Olinger and Margaret Casorso Olinger-Casorso
Jim Runzer and Peg Beaton Runzer-Beaton Bernie Schneider and Judith Giroux Schneider-Giroux
Darrel Scriver and Eileen Weisbeck Scriver-Weisbeck Mo Strachan and Bev Propp Strachan-Propp
Brian Willets and Diane Springer Willets-Springer Bernie Schneider Mel Campbell Bernie Schneider and Mel Campbell Schneider-Campbell
Jim Runzer Darrel Scriver Runzer-Schneider Judy Giroux Shirley Schmidt Shirley Schmidt Meldy Harris Mary Hallisey Ruth Dodd
Judy Giroux Bev Propp Peg Morrison Judy Giroux Sharon Kopp Diane Springer Eileen Weisbeck
Shirley Schmidt Judy Giroux Meldy Harris Peg Morrison Schmidt Harris Giroux Morrison Ruth Dodd Shirley Schmidt Meldy Harris The Morrison family car. Bev Propp Judy Giroux DoddHarrisSchmidtGirouxPropl
Pete Olinger Ruth Dodd Pete's Chevy ?? PeterOlingerRuth Dodd Mel Campbell Meldy Harris Mel Campbell Meldy Harris


1961 Lady of the Lake contestants, Kelowna, BC

Diane Braden Lynda Bazett
Diane Braden and Lynda Bazett relishing their bowling trophies from 1959

Roger Pickering Hans Garsch Jim Anderson Ed Slater

The Intermediate 4's team of the Kelowna Rowing Club . ca 1962
left-right: Edward J Slater, James C Anderson, Hans J Garsch, Roger N Pickering


Bruce Horton Evan Ritchie Barry Mottershead Jim Anderson Daryl Crawford Mr Pilsener Bear Lake Beatlemania
The Bear Lake Fishing Expedition:
Bruce Horton, Evan Ritchie, Barrie Mottershead, Jim Anderson, Daryl Crawford

Bruce Horton Barry Mottershead Bill Thompson Jim Anderson Daryl Crawford Beatle 2 Beatle 1

Bear Lake Beatlemania fishing trip, ca. Spring of 1963
Bruce Horton, Evan Ritchie, Barrie Mottershead, Bill Thompson, Jim Anderson and Daryl Crawford


Bruce Horton Jerry Scheltgen Dennis Trembley? Daryal Gibbs Knox Hill Climb

Knox Mountain Hill Climb spectator area. , The upper corner of the race course.
Daryal Gibbs, Bruce Horton, Dennis Trembley? and ? , Jerry Scheltgen

Please scan/send your old photos to Jim Anderson,
or to 1640 Gillard Drive, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4K1.