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Central Kelowna School District #23
1950 -1962

Graham Street Primary School, Dehart Avenue Primary School,
Martin Avenue Elementary School, Glenmore Elementary School,
Raymer Avenue School, Glenn Avenue School, Central Elementary School,
Kelowna Junior High School, Kelowna Secondary School
Immaculata High School

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The Kelowna 2012 School Reunion was an amazing success.

The photos and slide shows of the
Friday evening Meet and Greet,
Saturday noon Okanagan Lake Cruise
and the
Saturday evening Banquet are presented
for your pleasure at Google Picassa by clicking on the links above..

NEW: August 22: Photos sent in by Christine (Neumayer) Blower. click here..
NEW: August 22, Photos sent in from Maxine Purdy
from Friday evening.
NEW: August 22, and yet more photos from Maxine Purdy
from the boat cruise

Our sincere regrets go out to you if you were unable to be here with us this year.
We are looking forward to the 2017 Kelowna School Reunion.
Your Kelowna Reunion committee.


Wow , what a party that was !! It was sooooo great to see so many of our classmates again.



Ed Slater, 2012
Our KHS classmate Edward Slater says "Get younger every year my friends"


The 2011 photos are now presented on Google Picassa web server and may be viewed
as a slide show and you may even download the images.
Click on this
web link to view all the photos at Picassa for 2011.

The 2010 photos are also presented on Google Picassa web server and may be viewed
as a slide show and you may even download the images.
Click on this
web link to view all the photos at Picassa for 2010.

2009 - HOMECOMING of KHS class of '62
July 4th, 2009
Here are the 2009 photos on Picassa.

.Linda Mills.Ruth Dyson and Alan Boklage.Lynn Sexsmith and Fran Gisborne..Ted and Cheryl Turton.Ruth Dyson, and Ted Turton.Marilyn Wignall.Ev Larson....Donna Arthur.Rick MacKinnon and Ev Larson.Maxine Purdy.....Lynn and Dale Armeneau.........Alan and Pat Boklage, John Arthur......Jim Anderson and Alison Pickering...........Tremayne, Fran, and Arina....Marilyn Wignall - Lynn (Carr) Armeneauu.Danny Zdrolek, Cheyenne (White) , Ev Larson..Cheryl and Bill Ahrens..The Armeneaus and Ted Turton..Colleen Kelly.Colleen Kelly and Ron Smith.Ev Larson.John Tanner.Danny Zdrolek.Cheyenne White.Barney Harney.Linda Mills.Pat Boklage.John Arthur.Alan Boklage..Linda Thompson.Sophie Skoropad.Marilyn (Wignall) Calvin.Fran Gisborne Farr.Chris Elliott.Rudy Mayer.Mary Hallisey.Ken Ross.Ron Smith.Colleen Kelly.Cheryl Turton.David Arthur.Donna Arthur.Alison Pickering...Roger Pickering.Ted Turton.John Kelly..Cindy Fenton.Bill Thompson.Jim Anderson.Barbara CoughlinMaxine Purdy.Bill Ahrens..Cherly Ahrens.Lynn Sexsmith.Jack Pettitt.Lynn Armeneau.Ken Ross.Dale Armeneau.Rick MacKinnon.John and Lynn Mervyn.Arina Imthorn and Barney Hiney.


. followed by the great party at Chris and Steve Blower's home at Magna Bay, Shuswap Lake....


.Lynn Sexsmith - Rick MacKinnon...
some serious blue-grass pickin' goin' on here......
..Ann Setter, Chris Blower, Lynn Sexsmith.


Jim Anderson - Mel Campbell.Jim Anderson - Mel Campbell
1962-------wasn't that a party!!......I can hardly wait until next year.....2009
...some things just never change.....




2008 - HOMECOMING of KHS class of '62
July 5th, 2008 at the McCulloch Station Pub, top of KLO hill, Kelowna.





Photos above contributed by Maxine Chouinard.


Photos below by Jim Anderson
















2007 - HOMECOMING of KHS class of '62
6 pm, July 7th, 2007 at the McCulloch Station Pub, top of KLO hill, Kelowna.


A great party.. with KHS grads and teachers coming from Calgary, Vancouver, Prince George, Sechelt, Kimberley, Kamloops, Seattle, New Westminster, Campbell River,
and of course from Kelowna.










Saturday, July 1, 2006
McCulloch Station Pub












Saturday, July 2, 2005
McCulloch Station Pub
and a great party it was..


The photos above were contributed by Chris Blower.. thanks Chris.









2004 Homecoming
Saturday, July 3, 2004, at McCulloch Station Pub,




2003 Homecoming


Saturday, July 5th, 2003 at McCulloch Station Pub,









Reunion 2002 Committee BBQ

Reunion 2002 Wine Tour

Reunion 2002 banquet (#1)

Reunion 2002 banquet (#2)

Reunion 2002 banquet (#3)

Reunion 2002 banquet (#4)... NEW

KSS Tour Photos

Kelowna Courier KSS Tour

(please email or send in your photos for web site publication..)
send to: Jim Anderson, 1640 Gillard Drive, Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 4K1
See you at our 50th reunion: August 3rd-4th, 2012

Reunion Committee Members;

Maxine (Purdy) Chouinard, Fran (Gisborne) Farr, John Kelly, Barb (MacPhail) Williams, Mary (McKinstry) Hamann, Louise (Bowie) Pyle,
Lynda (Bazett) Would, Mary (Hallisey) Durose, Bill Thompson, Jim Anderson, Lynn (Carr) Armeneau, Norma (Robertshaw) Upton

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