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We are looking for more of these wonderful class photos from any of the local schools..
Please peek into your old photo albums and tell us what you have for us...
You can see that we are missing many of the group photos at present.

1962 Immaculata Grads

The 1962 graduating class of Kelowna's Immaculata High School
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This Photo Page last revised or added to on May 31, 2012

July 20, added the large scale KHS graduating class photo.

May 31, added the 1952 class photo of Mrs Hewer's grade 2 class at Raymer Ave School. (supplied by Diane Braden). Also added her 1953 grade 3 class from Central Elementary School. (teacher unknown at this time)

May 30, added a new section to display nostalgic photos from the1950's and the 1960's. see them here

May 29, 2012, added the photo of the Intermediate 4's team of the Kelowna Rowing Club to the bottom of this page. (Ed Slater, Jim Anderson, Hans Garsch, and Roger Pickering)

May 25, 2012, located a well documented photo of Mr. Greenaway's 1955-1956 class from Central Elementary School. The photo is on display at the Heritage Classroom upstairs overseen by retired teacher Mr. Sig Ottenbreight in the Kelowna Central Elementary School. This documentation of student names allows for a reliable mouse-over documentation of this photo on our website.

May 22, 2012, added four more group class photos with signatures. ( All four of the grade 6 classes of 1955 at Central Elementary School, comprising those of Mr Maier, Mr Haskins, Mr. Greenaway and Mr Slaters's classes.)

May 18, 2012, added the 1952 photo of the Glenmore Elementary School. (found the original in the custodian's room at the school today.)

May 17, 2012 added more name tags to Mr. Maier's 1955 grade 5 class at Central Elementary School.

May 16, added the signature images to the group class photos of all the grade 5 classes for 1955 (except for Glenmore Elementary) in the Central Kelowna public school system.

May 15, added photos of the various Kelowna schools that we attended.

May 15, added the 1955 photos of the teachers of Martin Avenue and Glenn Ave. Schools

May 6, 2012, added Miss Minette's grade 4 class from Glen Ave School

May 6, 2012, added Miss Hartman's grade 2 class photo from Glen Ave School

April 26, 2012 , added Kelly Slater's 1956 grade 6 class photo from Central Elementary School

Dehart Ave Primary School

Dehart Avenue Primary School


Graham St. School

Graham Street Primary School . grades 1 -2

Glenmore Elementary School 1952
Glenmore Elementary School , photo taken 1952


Raymer Avenue Elementary School

Raymer Avenue Elementary School

Grade 2, Mrs Hewers class of 1952

Mrs Hewer's 1952 class at Raymer Avenue School.
(photo suppled by Diane Braden)


Miss Hite Gwen Heyworth Ernie Strickland John Arthur Jim Anderson Jim Anderson Lawrence Bohn Bruce Giggey Steve McCallum Shawn Fairley Miss Heit Don Neifer Gerry Herron?? Olive Richie ? Richard Wheeler Jackie White Mary Strickland Lawrence Bohn Diane Robertson Agnes Redlich ? ? Ed Slater Gail Gordon Michael Kelly?? Marjorie Witwicki Leona Uhl Benny Bounds Sophie Skoropad Diane Rambold Don Welder ?? Bruce Horton Lorraine Marty April White Shirley Schmidt ? Tony Sehn Miss Hite's grade 1 class Graham Ave Elementary
Miss Appy Heit's grade 1 class at Graham Avenue primary school in the north end of Kelowna., 1950-1951
with mouse-over names with complements of Gwen Heyworth.


Glenn Avenue Elementary School

Glenn Avenue Elementary School

Mildred I Renwick Mary Williams Lois Dunnett ?? ?? Miss Harvey Norma Grenke ( Elmer's sister) Norma Grenke (Elmer's sister) Glenn Avenue Staff, 1955

Glenn Avenue School staff, 1955


Sydney Bulman-Fleming Miss Hartman Miss Hartman Werner Forster Don McCuaig Kenny Kitsch Allan Bruce Gary Brandon Hecko Lynda Bazett Daryl Crawford
Miss Hartman's grade 2 class, Glenn Avenue School, 1952
photo courtesy of Sydney Bulman-Fleming


Miss Minette Werner Forster Sydney Bulman-Fleming Gladys MacQuin Benny Bounds? Hecko? Allan Bruce ?

Miss Minette's class of grade 4 students at Glenn Avenue School, 1954
photo courtesy of Sydney Bulman-Fleming.


Martin Avenue Elementary School

Martin Avenue Elementary School, grades 3-4-5, View from Graham Street.

Miss Florence M Brown Mr Ed Gabel Mrs Hazel M McDougall Mrs Pearl Forsythe Martin Avenue Staff, 1955

The teaching staff at Martin Avenue School, 1955
Miss Florence M. Brown, Mr. Edward Gabel, Mrs Hazel M. McDougall, Mrs Pearl Forsythe


Syd Bulman-Fleming Ernie Strickland Bruce Horton John Mervyn Ronald Smith Laurence Denter Gordon Basaraba Miss Forsythe Jim Anderson Steve McCallum Ian Angus Ed Slater Rick McKinnon John Arthur Shaun Fairley April White Gail Gordon Gwen Hayworth Sophie Skoropad Mary Strickland Diane Rambold Lawrence Bohn Diane Robertson Marjorie Witwicki Gladys MacQuin Lorraine Marty Bruce Giggey Jackie White Richard Wheeler Donald Neifer Donald Neifer Richard Wheeler Hugh Jones Bobby Cowley Cita Fartaczek Kay ? Raymond Rose Elmer Grenke Grade 3, Martin Ave Elementary
Mrs Pearl Forsythe, Grade 3 class at Martin Ave. Elementary School, 1953
Photo complements Syd Bulman-Fleming , Victoria, BC
12 girls and 23 boys. ?? A strange mix ! Do we have a demographic expert in the crowd ??
Use your mouse to point at classmates ( works with Internet Explorer but not Google Chrome )
(The above name list was supplied by Sydney Fleming from the back of his copy of the photo)
( He says to pardon the spelling, arithmetic was his strong suit)


Chris Neumayer Gail Gordon (deceased) Gwen Heyworth Marjorie Witwicki? John Mervyn Ron Smith Bruce Horton Diane Robertson Leona Uhl Audrey Krassman Mary Strickland Diane Rambold Lorraine Marty Sophie Skoropad April White Marilyn Boutwell Agnes Redlich Ernie Strickland (deceased) Richard Wheeler Elmer Grenke Allan Pauls? Nicolaas Caljouw (deceased) Ian Angus Ricky MacKinnon Shawn Fairley Don Neifer Ed Slater Ross Wood? John Arthur Wally Buhman Mrs McDougall (deceased) Mrs McDougall Philip Blishen Bruce Giggey Jim Anderson Teddy Soderburg (deceased) Bobby Cowley Mrs Hazel McDougall's grade 4 class, 1954

Mrs Hazel McDougall's grade 4 class at Martin Ave School, 1954
photo courtesy of Ian Angus
14 girls... 22 boys. ?? what happened in 1944 anyway??

James Anderson Jim Anderson Philip Blishen Nicolaas Caljouw (deceased) Allan Pauls?? Sammy Chivers Laurence Jack Denter (deceased) Johnny Mervyn Ernie Strickland (deceased) Gwen Heyworth John Arthur Mr. Ed Gabel Mr. Ed Gabel Donald Neifer Leona Uhl Sophie Skoropad Lawrence Bohn (deceased) Bruce Giggey Edward John Slater Mary Strickland April White Diane Robertson Shaun Fairley Charles D Bayley Gladys McEwen Walter Buhman Alex Nicol Teddy Soderburg (deceased) Larry Stoltz Irma Zellmer Richard Wheeler Ricky MacKinnon Marjorie Witwicki Jeff Wood Uta Wenderhold Agnes Redlich Wayne Eberle Wayne Eberley Ross Wood Hedwig Schlack Evelyn Werstuik ? Diane Rambold Wanda Schlack Audrey Krassman Lorraine Marty Elmer Grenke Gordon Basaraba
Mr. Ed Gabel's grade 5 class at Martin Avenue Elementary School in Kelowna, BC, 1955
with mouse-over names complements of Gwen Heyworth.

(a signed copy of the back of Mr. Gabel's grade 5 class photo of 1955 located in the Kelowna Archives)


Central Elementary School, Kelowna

Central Elementary School, View from the North-West on Richter Street.

Fran Gisborne Wayne Marsden Sharon Rempel Don Evans? Michael Gibson Grant Shirreff a grade 3 class .. Teacher as yet unknown

a 1953 photo of a grade 3 class at Central Elementary School, Kelowna,
photo supplied by Diane Braden.


Frances Gisborne Sharon Rempel Carol Munslow Cheyenne White Michael Gibson

Miss Jacobson's grade 4 class, Central Elementary School, Kelowna, BC, 1954
photo complements of Cheyenne (White) Zdralek



Ron Smith Ron Smith Werner Forster Gail Gordon (deceased) Linda Mills Marilyn Boutwell Cheyenne White Geraldine Glen Sharon Rempel Ceta Fartaczek Christiana Epp Jim Pope Diane Braden David Hecko Clive Spiller Fay Howika Marlene McCormick Karen McKeown Irene Epp Nance-Ann LeBrun Barbara Chaplin Marlene Odland Clive Lewis Dale Franklin (deceased) Bobby Bouchard Brian Fernie ? ? Benny Bounds Richard Smith Mr. A. W. Glover George Walker Arnold Anderson? David Bismeyer Ken Anderson Rudy Bothe ?? Tommy Jennens? Roy Warman (deceased) Roy Warman (deceased) Roy Warman ?? Lyle Orchison Ronald  Johnson

signed copy Mr. Glover's 1955 class

Mr. A W Glover's grade 5 class, Central Elementary School, Kelowna, BC. 1955
photo complements of Cheyenne (White) Zdralek
(with a signature copy of photo in the Kelowna Archives )


Ian Angus Cecil Lunan Janet Emerson Joan Delcourt (deceased) Louise Bowie Nancy O'Neill Margaret Prior Maureen Mawdsley Maureen Mawdsley Michael Gibson Margaret Prior Louise Bowie Joan Delcourt Janet Emerson Ian Angus Frances Gisborne Ken Kitch Nancy O'Neill Sharon Cumming Shirley Morris Trudy Treadgold Mary Neufeld Bill Ahrens Barbara MacPhail Eileen Thorin Jackie James Sharon Cumming Shirley June Morris Trudy Treadgold Mary Neufield Ted Hickling Trevor Jennens Bruce Horton Richard Scrafton Bill Ahrens Robbie Russell Fran Gisborne Jackie D James Eileen Thorn Barbara MacPhail Ken Kitch Lorraine Fuller Judy Allin Dennis Newton Wayne Harvey Gary Madison Betty Graham Joan McIntosh Lynn Marshall Doug Roberts Jim  Martin Miss Mary E. Shaw Mclaren Kelvin Greenough Sydney Fleming Allan Bruce Donald  Burtch David Burtch David Burtch Barry Ward Doug Downey? or Maurice Adye ? Carol Ann Munslow Mrs McLarens, grade 5 class, Central Elementary, 1955

Miss Mary E. Shaw McLaren's grade 5 class at Central Elementary School in Kelowna B. C., 1955
Use your mouse to point at classmates ( works with Internet Explorer but not Google Chrome )
photo complements of Sydney Bulman-Fleming
( with a signature copy of 1955 photo in the Kelowna Archives )


Roddy Pickering Donna Schmidt ?? Heather Pittendrigh Heather Pittendrigh Ann Cramer Gloria McFall Gail Cook (deceased) Lynda Bazett Gail DeGraaf Martin Howbold Doug Hecko Linda Hobson Mrs Elsie J. Burbank Lynn Sexsmith Gayle Deyotte Lorna Lindahl Rosalie Williams Doris Wells Betty Prior Stephanie Finch Carolyn Swayze Phyllis Olney Raymond Rose Brian Shanko Joe Stoltz Daryl Crawford (deceased) Mary-Jane Farrend Mary Jane Farrend Richard Christiansonn Dale Johnson Walter Dionne Grant Hewitt Jimmy Lee Freddie Greenaway Don McCuaig Edgar Fenwick Wayne Marsden Wayne LaFace Donny Evans Bobby Cowley Garry Brust Mrs Burbanks grade 5 class, Central Elementary, 1955

Mrs Elsie J Burbank's class of grade 5 students, Central Elementary, 1955
(with mouse-overs thanks to Heather Pittendrigh)
(with signature copy of 1955 photo in the Kelowna Archives)

1955 Grade 6, Mr. Maier's class
Mr Maier's Grade 6 class, Central Elementary School, 1955



Bobby Godfrey Fred Martin Mr Ron Haskins grade 6 , Central Elementary School, 1955

Mr Ron Haskin's grade 6 class, Central Elementary School, 1955


Mr. Ev Greenaway Mr Greenaway's grade 6 class of 1955

Mr. Greenaway's grade 6 class , Central Elementary School, 1955


John Tanner Mr. Kelly Slater Romolo Verna Evan Ritchie Ron Loken Mr. Kelly Slater's grade 6 class of 1955

Mr. Kelly Slater's grade 6 class, Central Elementary School, 1955



Wayne Laface Gwen Heyworth Werner Forster Jim Martin Ed Fenwick Rick Mackinnon Frances Gisborne Frances Gisborne Sydney Bulman-Fleming Allan Bruce Raye Lever Arina Imthorn Trudy Treadgold David Hecko Donald McCuaig Benny Bounds Jimmy Lee Brian Fernie Marjorie Murdoch (deceased) Marlene McCormick Margaret Prior Evelyn Thiessen Susan Campbell Lorraine Marty Mary Neufeld Stu Jennens Mr. Ev. Greenaway Lynn Sexsmith Wayne Marsden Gwen Heyworth Marilyn Boutwell Raymond Rose Lorraine Fuller Donna Schmidt Grant Hewitt Evelyn Schnell Rudy Bothe Marjorie Witwicki Gary Brust Lynda Hobson Dennis Newton Tommy Lewis Arnold Anderson Grade 6 class of Mr. Greenaway, Central Elementary: 1955-56
Move your mouse to point at classmates
( works with Internet Explorer but not Google Chrome )

Greenaway's Grade 6, 1956

Mr. Greenaway's grade 6 class at Central Elementary, Kelowna, B.C., 1956
Gwen Heyworth and Arina Imthorn have identified everyone in the photo.
photo complements of Sydney Bulman-Fleming.
(confimation of mouse-over documentation supplied by Arina and Gwen)


Ronald Smith Ronald Smith Ed Slater George Walker Philip Blishen Daryl Crawford Neil Roth Walter Dionne Roy Warman Ross Wood Bruce Giggey Clive Lewis Lawrence Bohn Richard Christianson Barry Ward Richard Smith Sam Chivers Joan Delcourt Doug Downie Lorna Lindahl Maureen Maudsley Carol Munslow Betty Prior Billy Ahrens Benny Bounds Nico Caljouw Carolyn Swayze Carolyn Swayze Heather Pittendrigh Linda Barwick Judy Allin Heather Ann Murray Mary Strickland Nance-Ann LeBrun Phylis Olney Lynn Carr Fay Howika Shirley Morris Betty Graham Rudy Schwartz Allan Pauls Fred Greenaway 1955-1956 Mr. Maier's Grade 6 class
Mr. Maier's class of Grade 6 at Central Elementary School, Kelowna, BC, 1956
with mouse-over names. Complements of Heather Pittendrigh



Mr. Ron Haskins Nancy O'Neil Sharon Cumming Irma Zelmer Stephanie Finch Gail Cook Cheyenne White Gail Gordon Sophie Skoropad Janet Emerson Rosalie Williams Ernie Strickland Bruce Horton Elmer Grenke Cecil Lunan Stephanie Finch Al Horak Alex Nicol Ceta Fartaczek Diane Robertson Linda Mills Fred Martin Jackie James James (Jim) Anderson Jim Hawthorne DeeDee Gourlie Roger Pickering John Arthur Wally Buhman David Burtch Donald Burtch Marshall Fowell Ron Johnson Richard Wheeler Mike Gibson David Nygaard Brian Shanko Sharon Rempel Mary-Jane Farrend Donna Thiessen Diane Braden Ken Anderson Lora Weber Mr Haskins, grade 6 class, Central Elementary, 1956

Mr. Ron Haskin's grade 6 class , Central Elementary School, Kelowna, BC, 1956
photo complements of Cheyenne (White) Zdralek
and additional identification by Nancy (O'Neil) Milne
(with mouse-over names now complete)


Lyle Orcheson Laurence Denter Clive Spiller Mr. Kelly Slater Grant Shirreff Ian Angus Bill Thompson Leona Uhl Louise Bowie April White Audrey Krassman Gloria McFall Diane Rambold Ted Hickling Don Evans John Mervyn Gordon Basaraba Barbara McPhail ?? ?? ?? David Bismeyer? ?? Shaun Fairley Don Allan (standing on a box?) ?? Jeff Wood?? ?? Trevor Jennens Rob Russel Bobby Cowley Joe Stoltz ?? Mary Hallisey David Hecko? Bobby Bouchard ?? ?? Marlene Odland Shirley Morris ?? Geraldine Glen Mr. Kelly Slaters grade 6,Cenral Elementary,  1956

Mr. Kelly Slater's grade 6 class , Central Elementary School, Kelowna, BC, 1956
photo complements of Leona (Uhl) Johnston,
(mouse-over names almost complete now)

Kelowna High School, 1955

Kelowna Junior High School, grades 7-8-9, East View from Richter Street.


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