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Our recent survey samples indicated that we are good-to-go for the 2022 class re-union on Saturday, July 2nd
at the home of Jim Anderson and Barbara Ennis at 1640 Gillard Drive, Kelowna.. WOW... what a party it was........

NEW 2022 Re-union PHOTOS now here...


September, 2021, Marked the passing of Sandra (McLean) Willis, deceased Sept 3, 2021 in Port Alberni BC. ( see obit here)

April 18, 2021, Marked the passing of Maxine (Purdy) Roberts, deceased April 6th, 2021 in Kelowna, BC.


March 18, 2021, Marked the passing of John Davis, died in Vernon, BC, October, 2020.
See details in our In-memoriam page..

March 15, 2021, Marked the passing of John H. Senger, September 19, 1943 --- March 10, 2021 here in Kelowna. see our ("In Memoriam") page.


June 21, 2020, ("In Memoriam" page), marked the passing of 1961 KHS graduate Barry Mottershead, deceased 20 June 2020

April 14, 2017, finally tracked our Donny Allen down. here is what he posted:

Donald B. Allen,

This sounds like it could be "our" Donny Allen: see below-
Date: Feb 4, 2016
Location: Engineering Student Centre, 2335 Engineering Road, UBC
"Old Red New Red is your annual tradition to connect with fellow classmates and current students and judge the ball models.
We look forward to hearing from Don Allen, BASc'67, who will talk about the King Arthur Stunt at UBC."

to James & co.
• yes, I did go to UBC, just like it said in the annual, and I graduated as a mechanical engineer with a BASc in 1967.
• yes, I did give that speech to 300 engineers at UBC on 04 Feb 2016, they called the evening Old Red New Red.
• my address is 3292 Crystal Place, Nanaimo, BC. V9T 2S1 home phone 250.585.3440
• yes, I certainly want to come to the next reunion. The 2020 reunion is cancelled, but the next one will probably be in 2021. I’ll be there.

April 1, 2020, posted the passing of Barry Genis, age 73 in Duncan Hospital, June 12, 2014, widow Caroline Genis of Crofton, BC, son Gregg Genis

March 31, 2020, finally locate our missing Randy Hoy in Oliver, BC. retired Cdn army and his own trucking company. tel 250-498-2099

March 30, 2020, Lots of new updates to our Alumni address pages and to the InMemoriam page as well.

March 29, located Shirley (Holitzki) Aubrey, here in Kelowna at 250-860-1973, # 375- 550 Yates Rd, Kelowna, email da375@telus.net

March, 29, determined that our "Bert James", age 19, died on August 18th, 1963 as a result of the Woodfibre pulp-mill boiler- room explosion of that same date..

March 10, located our missing Barry Clark who was here in Kelowna all the time... tel 250-878-4344

March 9, 2020, I fnally located classmate Murray Cross, living in Casselman, ON, tel 613-764-3172, email: mscross@eastlink.ca now retired RCAF officer and IT specialist.

March 9, 2020, finally located classmate Allan Clarkson, married, 3 kids, living #33, 3099 Shuswap Rd, Kamloops, BC, tel 250-573-5880, stampedeal@gmail.com

March 8, 2020, added the obituary for Donald (Donny) Evans, age 75, KHS class of '62

Sept 19, 2019, finally added my photos from the 2019 Homecoming party this year.

July 24, 2019, marked the passing of Richard ( Rick) Mussellam, lead singer of the "Shadracks" 1962-1967, age 74

Feb 10, 2019 , marked the passing of Mike Cleaver,(class of 1961), February 10, 2019

Feb 15, 2019, marked the passing of Leona Marguerite (Uhl) Johnston, died February 10, 2019, Grand Forks, BC

Feb 2018, marked the passing of Jerry Scheltgen, class of '59, "The Kilowatt", a good friend to many of us.

May 31, 2018 , marked the passing of Douglas Alva Snowsell, b. 1943, died Sept 13th, 2017, age 73 in Victoria, BC

August 9, 2017 , added current address for Brian and Ruth Ryder. Brian was class of 1959 at KHS. now of Penticton, BC

June 14, 2017, noted the passing of Pete Kossey, Prince George, BC, died June 6, 2017, cancer

Mar 17, 2017, finally tracked down Marnee Dunbar in Lillooet, BC, 250-256-0619, truaxsloan@telus,net

Feb 26. 2017. updated the email address of Joan (Upton) Glanfield to glanfield44@icloud.com

Feb 21, 2017, marked the passing of David Schamerhorn of Calgary, AB in winter of 2014.

Feb 21, 2017, marked the passing of Sharon (Schamuhn) Jabs, Kelowna, BC, 6 July, 2012

Feb 21, 2017, marked the passing of Raymond Rose of Kelowna, BC, 28 November, 2013, age 69

Feb 21, 2017, marked the passing of Richard Schuck of Kelowna, BC, 1943-1996

Feb 19th, 2017, added the contact details for Evan and Sharon Ritchie of Red Deer, AB

Feb 18th, 2017 , added the new email for Paul and Shirley Thorner of White Rock, BC

Feb 17th, 2017, bulk emailed re-union invitations to to all known contacts.

Feb 17th, 2017, finalized agenda for the 2017 Re-union celebration and posted registration forms to website.

Dec 25th, 2016, added the 1989 passing of Mr. Richard Edward Flower, Vice principal of KHS to 1960, died Campbell River, BC, Feb 7, 1989, age 71

Dec 25th, 2016 , added the 1976 passing of Mr. William James Logie, principal of KHS to 1960, died Victoria BC, 2 Dec 1976, age 69.

Dec 25th, 2016, added the 1993 passing of Mr. Bejamin Harry Waldron, ( Law, Commercial, Badminton Club, Paper Club), died in Kelowna 21 July 1993, age 74

Dec 25th, 2016, added the 2008 passing of Mrs. Marion Fazan, (our KHS school secretary)

Dec 25th, 2016, added the 2009 passing of Mr. William Hickman Creese, (automotive mechanics instructor.)

Dec 24th, 2016, added the passing of Mr. Harold Frederick George, age 83, (Mathematics teacher) and Mr. Fred Hadfield (Industrial Arts), age 61 in Kelowna.

Dec 20th, 2016, added the passing of Dale Chisholm, died in Kelowna, May 9th, 2015, age 69

Dec 19th, 2016, added the news of Guests of Honour for our 2017 reunion being our two fabulous Phys Ed teachers. Mrs Donna (Clements) Booth and Mr. Pete Bulatovich

Dec 19th, 2016, added the 1971 accidental death of Mr. Rowland Thomas Green, age 68, English , Mathematics, Social Studies, Annual Club.

Dec 19th, 2016, added the 1981 death record of Mr. Roy B. Lobb, , age 77, English, Radio-Drama Club

Dec 19th, 2016, Added to the InMemoriam page the photo and passing of Mr. John Garfield McKinley, our SD 23 music master.

Dec 18, 2016, Added to the InMemoriam page the photos and death dates of KHS teachers, Mr. Alan Scutt, Mr. David Webster, Mr. Raymond Wunderlich, Mr. Walter Green.

Dec18, 2016 Added to the InMemoriam page the photos and death dates of Miss Nancy Gale, Mr. Donald Wood, Mr. Charles Webb and Mr. Robert McClelland.

Dec 18th, 2016 discovered that KHS Golden Owls basketball player Gerry Robertson had died in 1977 at age 34 in Kelowna in a fatal car crash. Added his photo.

Dec 14, 2016, Discovered that the popular Kelowna teachers Kelly Slater (died 2001) and Pearl Slater (died 2012) had retired in Lantzville, Vancouver Island..

Nov 1, 2016, posted the news that Penny Winters likely ended up in New Zealand, as well as discovering that Gary Madison may have died in a plane crash at very early age.

Sept 21, 2016, recorded the passing of Kenny Kitsch, September 10th, 2016, age 72, Kelowna, BC

May 3, 2016, recorded the passing of Joe Stolz, died age 71, April 27th, 2016, Peachland, BC

March 18, 2016, bumped into Jimmy Lee this evening at the Community Theatre. ( 1955, grade 5 , Mrs Burbank's class)

February 28, 2016, phone calls to Atagi persons in BC indicate that Alex Atagi is likely deceased.
Canada Voters list ( 1972-1974) indicates he was living in the lower mainland. (wife= Janet)
Confirmed on March 1, 2016 by his daughter Tracy Atagi. He died July 1, 2007.

December 27th, 2015, marked the early death of Wayne Eberle, died age 26 in a mining accident, Granisle, BC.

December 27, 2015, marked the death of David Bismeyer, born 1944, died 2001, buried Kelowna Cemetery

December 23, 2015, marked the passing of Charles A Bruce, ( 1917-2011), principal of KSS and RSS.

December 12, 2015, marked the death of Neil Postle . died in his home of a heart attack on December 10th, 2015

November 17, 2015, marked the passing of Mike Skubiak, April 17, 1943 - October 7, 2015, Kelowna, BC

October 11, 2015, marked the passing of Warren Dunaway, Jan 24th, 1944-Sept 22, 2015 in Campbell River, BC

August 2, 2015, marked the passing of "Patty" Patricia Vipond, (Dec 22, 1945- July 13, 2015)

June 24, 2015, marked the passing of Donald Sexsmith, died December, 2014

March 1, 2015, added the current contact information for Doug Perry( class of '61) and Louise (Wilson) Perry ( class of 63).

November 5th, updated the In Memoriam page with the passing of Peter Degenhardt, (Oct 31, 1942- Oct 4th, 2014, Vernon, BC)

July 8th, added Sharon ( Townsend) Klein to our alumni list. ( KSS class of 66)

July 7th, posted the 2013 Homecoming photos and the 2014 Homecoming photos to Google Picassa albums.

July 5th, 2014, posted the passing of our fav teacher. Harry Almond, age 98, died July 2nd, 2014 in Kelowna

March 17, 2014, located Eric Hayes alive and well and living in Victoria, BC

March 4, 2014, updated the In Memoriam page with the passing of Richard Wheeler, deceased Kelowna, BC, Feb 27, 2014

Oct 26, 2013, updated our In-Memoriam page with the details of the 1967 murder of KHS teacher David Alexander Webster and his wife Marlene Webster.

June 10, 2013, marked the passing of KHS school teacher George Alexander Hillian, died June 5, 2013

Dec 12, 2012, spoke with Drew Kitsch. he says Kenny Kitch is in Kelowna. 250-788-6055

October 30, 2012.. added Audrey Krassman to our list of deceased students. (16 Feb 1999 in Calgary, AB)

August 22, Here are some great photos from Maxine (Purdy) Chouinard. click here.. and even more here from the lake cruise...

August 22, added to the Photo Album page, the photos sent in by Chris (Neumayer) Blower.

August 13, added the text of the address to our 50th reunion by Wayne Marsden, our KHS class of 1962 valedictorian. View and read on our web front page.

August 7, added the dates of the tragic 1967 deaths of our rowing coach and math and physics teacher Dave Webster and his wife Barbara Webster to the In- Memoriam page.

August 5th, Wow .. what a party.. The banquet photos are now available on the Photo Album page now.

August 4th, 3 pm, The 2012 Reunion is now in full swing and the event photos are allready available for your viewing pleasure from the current Photo Album page.. enjoy..

August 3, added newly discovered graduation photos for the Immaculata class of 1962 to the Current Address page.

July 30, added the large scale Immaculata graduating class photo today.. Thanks to Mary Hallisey Durose...

July 22, added four photos of Kelowna's own rocker Mr. Bruce Bissell and his "Kels" to the Nostalgia Photo page.

July 20, added the large scale KHS graduating class photo (158 grad photos).

July 15, added some nice photos to our Nostalgia Photo page as received from Bill Thompson today. Thanks Willy..

July 11, Two more of our classmates have found their way into our group recently.. Benny and Judy Bounds are now living in Gray Creek, BC ( Kootenay Lake area) and Marina (Swart) Watson is living in Pitt Meadows, BC. A big welcome for sure.. We have been looking for you for a while.

June 23, added the excellent 1958 photo of the Kelowna Midget All-Star hockey team to the Nostalgia Photo page.. Lots of familiar faces here...

June 22, added the fine photo of Kelowna's own "Shadracks" to the Nostalgia Photo page.. photo supplied by drummer boy Warren Dunaway.

June 21, added more photos to the Nostalgia Photo page. including the rocking 60's band of "The Pacers",also a photo of the strangely somber house party in the Anderson basement, one of Valerie Deacon contemplating a skinny dip in Okanagan Lake and a photo of the lovely Meldy Hewer on a Honda Super Cub, the "biker babe" of Immaculata..

June 12, added reminder that the Saturday boat cruise leaves the dock at the foot of Bernard Ave at 11 am sharp.. dont be late.. We can start loading any time after 10 am... loading at 10:30 would be perfect...

June 10, posted the Bill Bonner virtual speech to the graduating classes of 2012 to our front page.

June 4, posted the great 1962 photos from Immaculata High School to the Nostalgia Photo pageof the web site.. Thank you Mary (Hallisey) Durose.

June 4, posted SOLD OUT to the Ok Lake Cruise and also SOLD OUT for the Aug 4th Reunion Banquet at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club.. still a few spots left for the Friday evening meet and greet at the Eldorado, however.

May 31, added to the photos in the Nostalgia Photo section.

May 30, added a new section to display nostalgia photos from the1950's and the 1960's. see them here

May 29, sent out another batch of emails to everyone inicating that the 2012 reunion is getting close to selling out all the events.

May 29, added a very nice photo of the Intermediate 4's rowing team of the Kelowna Rowing Club, ca 1962. (rowers: Ed Slater, Jim Anderson, Hans Garsch and Roger Pickering.) See the Nostalgia section of the School Group Photos page

May 24, sent out another "snail mail" reminder that the reunion is coming up soon and tickets are getting in short supply.

May 25, added to the "In Memoriam" page the death records of Mr. John Wunderlich, Mr. Hal Odlum, Miss Elsie Jane Burbank, Nancy Gale, Mr. Ev Greenaway and Mrs Mary Deacon.

May 25, added the classic 1950s photos of Queen Elizabeth to our front page.

May 25, added to our "In Memoriam Page" the newspaper article from 1964 covering the death of Miss Nancy Gale, a KSS teacher for 37 years, retiring in 1967.

May 25, added full name list of Mr Greenaway's 1956 grade 6 class of Central Elementary School to our School Photo Album page.

May 22, 2012, added four more group class photos with signatures. ( All four of the grade 6 classes of 1955 at Central Elementary School, comprising those of Mr Maier, Mr Haskins, Mr. Greenaway and Mr Slaters's classes.)

May 18, 2012, added the image of the 1952 photo of the Glenmore Elementary School to the School Group Photo page.

May 17, 2012, added lots more student identification tags to Mr Glover's 1955 Grade 5 class.

May 16, 2012, added the signature images to the group class photos of all the grade 5 classes for 1955 in the Central Kelowna public school system which then allowed for many corrections to the spelling of classmates names.

May 15, added the 1997 obit for Mrs Mary Deacon,

Mrs. Mary Deacon, Over a span of sixteen years, Mary Deacon taught French at Kelowna Senior Secondary and George Elliott Secondary in Winfield until retiring in 1974. After retirement, she remained in Kelowna where she felt she had roots in the community. Mary still loved to cook for friends and family. She was also an avid reader and a very accomplished knitter of sweaters. In the early 1990’s Mary needed to move to assisted living, where she passed away at age 86 on July 27th, 1997. She is survived by her daughters Valerie Deacon and Meaghan Dean.

May 15, located some new great photos of all our old school buildings and presented them on the website in the group class photo section. And a great find of the four teachers from Martin Avenue School in a group photo from 1955. Miss Brown, Mr Gable, Mrs McDougall and Mrs Forsythe.

May 15, Also located a group photo of all the teachers from the Glenn Avenue School dated 1955.

May 15, located Chris (MacDonald) Mackie here in Kelowna, tel 250-765-8595. (see her grade 9 photo on our Alumni Address page)

May 9, 2012, split the photo album into two sections, One for the Group Class Photos (1950-1962) and the other for more current photos.

May 7, 2012 , aded the 1954 class photo of Miss Minette's class of grade 4 students (Glen Avenue School) . courtesy Sydney Bulman-Fleming.

May 6, 2012, added the 1952 class photo of Miss Hartman's grade 2 class (Glen Avenue School) to the Photo Album page, courtesy of Sydney Bulman-Fleming

May 5, 2012, Shirley (Schmidt) and husband Dennis Clouston of Calmar Alberta win the "early bird" draw for two tickets to our Reunion2012 OK Lake Cruise and Lunch.

April 25, located Jim Hawthorne (wife Elaine) living in Vernon, BC, 250-545-9307

April 25, uploaded the 1956 photo of Kelly Slater's grade 6 class to the web site.. courtesy of Leona (Uhl) Johnston of Grand Forks, BC

April 25, located Jim Martin here in Kelowna and posted details on our alumni page..

April 24, discovered deceased April 29, 1963, age 20, Kamloops, BC, Ivor Theodore (Teddy) Soderberg, (see Martin Ave. grade 4 and 5 photos),

April 23, learned that missing person Lorraine (Marty) Morris alive and well in Hedgerley Village, Buckinghamshire, England, but with siblings still here in Kelowna.

April 21, mssing person Anita (Werger) Paul located in Pitt Meadows by Agnes (Redlich) Stuerle.

April 21, Gwen and James identified many of the students in the 1953-1954 grade 4 class of Mrs. McDougall,
and also many students of Mr. Glover's 1954-1955 grade 5 class. (but could use some assistance on that one)

April 20, added the 1953-1954 photo of Mrs McDougall's grade 4 class photo at the Martin Avenue Elementary School courtesy of Ian Angus

April 19th, located Gordon Basaraba right here in Kelowna.,

April 15, added the 1955- 1956 Mr. Haskin's class photo at Central Elementary School, courtesy Cheyenne (White) Zdralek

April 15, added the 1954- 1955 Mr. Glover's class photo at Central Elementary School, courtesy Cheyenne (White) Zdralek

April 15, added the 1955-1956 Mr. Maier's class photo at Central Elementary School, courtesy Heather Pittendrigh

April 15, added the 1954-1955 Mrs Burbank's class photo at Central Elementary School, courtesy Heather Pittendrigh

April 15, added the 1954-1955 Mr Gable's class photo at Martin Ave School, courtesy Heather Pittendrigh

April 9th, located Joe Stoltz here in West Kelowna.

April 7th, missing person Donald Neifer located in San Antonio, TX

April 5, 2012 , added the 1950- 1951 Miss Hite's grade 1 class photo from Graham Ave School

April 5, added the 1953- 1954 Mrs Forsyth's grade 4 class photo at Martin Ave School, courtesy Sydney Bulman-Fleming

April 5, added the 1954- 1955 McLarens' grade 5 class photo at Central Elementary School. courtesy Sydney Bulman-Fleming

April 5, added the 1955 -1956 Mr. Greenaway's grade 6 class photo t Central Elementary School. courtesy Sydney Bulman-Fleming

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